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How does it work?

First, you tell us what you desire to acquire, we assess your request, identify the scope of individual requirements and develop an appropriate grouping defining deliverable objective. Then we formulate a strategy to acquire your desired purchase for you with the best value for your money. If you haven’t found the item, service or a business you are looking for, we’ll find it for you, have your approval then we negotiate on your behalf and close the deal in your favor.If you already have a contact information of the seller, you pass it on to us – we take care of the rest and close the deal for you. After the deal is closed, we work with your accountants to transfer the item, service or the acquired business to you, ensuring maximum efficiency, transparency and data security throughout the entire procurement process.

What does it cost?

Once we reach an agreement with the seller, we charge you with affordable rate of 30% service fee of the savings amount based on the original selling price. For example if the items’ asking price is $100 and we buy it for $90 you pay us $3 out of the $10 saved. Negotiations consultancy is our core and, we guarantee accurate, industry-specific strategies, consistent implementation and measurable results in industry, trade and the service sector

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